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Mo Wolthuis

Mo Wolthuis

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Member Since: 2013


Pete Tuipulotu

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Job Title: Business Owner and Investor


  • consumer products


Mo Wolthuis owns a couple of small businesses that operate in the Carolinas and Northern Virginia. Prior to jumping into small business, her background was in consumer products. She worked as senior vice president and general manager at Spin Master, vice president and general manager at Valspar Corporation running their Lowe’s division, senior vice president at Newell Rubbermaid managing their global business with Walmart, vice president over sales and channel marketing for Rubbermaid, general manager for Rubbermaid’s closet and garage business, and prior to 2001 she worked at John Deere and Black & Decker. Mo earned her bachelor’s degree from BYU and her MBA from Loyola University. Mo and Pete have four children, all of whom share their love of sports.