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Drew W. Johnson

Drew W. Johnson

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Member Since: 2007


Joanna W. Johnson

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Job Title: Cofounder and Managing Partner
Company: Gauge Capital
Location: Texas, United States


  • private equity


Drew Johnson is a cofounder and managing partner of Gauge Capital. He serves as a director of Wireless Vision, Beauty Industry Group, Miami Beach Medical Group, Pediatric Dental Providers, Comprehensive Eyecare, and American Nuts and is a former director of Veridicus Health. Previously, Drew co-founded and was managing partner at CIC Partners, where he worked in the food and healthcare industries, and where he served as a director of SPG, Innerchange, CTI Foods, Quiznos, OmniSYS, and Industrial Container Services. Drew earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from BYU and his MBA from Harvard Business School. Drew and Joanna have five daughters.