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Dave Layton

Dave Layton

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Member Since: 2022


Lara Layton

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Job Title: CEO
Company: Partners Group
Location: Colorado, United States


  • Investing


David Layton is the CEO of Partners Group, a publicly listed private-markets focused investment management firm with over USD 130bn in assets under management. He is also head of Partners Group's Private Equity business department, which has invested over USD 94bn into more than 280 businesses around the globe. He principally divides his time between Partners Group's Americas Headquarters in Colorado, USA and Partners Group's global headquarters in Zug, Switzerland. Previously, he was the head of Partners Group's Private Equity business in the Americas and has represented Partners Group on the board of directors of several of the firm's portfolio companies, including Universal Services of America, Nobel Learning Communities, MicroPoise Measurement Systems, Cabot Credit Management, Pacific Bells, and Strategic Partners. David earned his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University. He is on the advisory council of Fifth Century Partners, a diversity-focused investment organization. His hobbies include skiing and music. David and Lara have six children and one is attending BYU.