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Dan Hecht, MPA 1989

Dan Hecht, MPA 1989

Membership Information:

Member Since: 2020


Job Title: Chief of Data Governance and Data Integrity
Company: Ohio Department of Medicaid
Location: Ohio, United States


  • Hiking
  • Spelunking
  • Fishing
  • Columbus Crew (MLS)


Dan Hecht has been employed for the past 26 years by the Ohio Department of Medicaid and is presently serving as Bureau Chief over Data Governance and Data Integrity. Dan was involved in policy analytics for many years, beginning as an analyst and progressing into leadership positions. Recognizing that his career is approaching an end, he has been moved into system procurement, process development, data governance and training to prepare the next generation of analyststomeet the needs of an ever-changing environment. Previous to working for Medicaid, he served as a researcher for the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund, which funds child abuse and neglect prevention programs.

Dan has primarily been involved in his community through faith-based services, although he has ventured out occasionally to assist at schools in foreign lands.

Dan graduated from Brigham Young University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, followed by a Master of Public Administration degree in 1989. It took a while, but Dan recently found the love of his life and was married just as COVID-19 struck. He has been happily quarantined with his wife ever since. They look forward to actually seeing the in-laws. Dan enjoys outdoor recreation (hiking, spelunking, and fishing) and attending Columbus Crew games.