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Martin Egbert

Martin Egbert

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Member Since: 2016


Allyson Jensen Egbert

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Job Title: Managing Partner
Company: Nevada West Partners
Location: Nevada, United States


  • real estate development


Martin Egbert was raised in Chicago and is a managing partner of Nevada West Partners, a Las Vegas-based multifamily development and management group. He has also been involved in self-storage, single family, and/or multifamily development in California, Chicago, Boston, Texas, Utah, and Las Vegas. Martin earned his bachelor's degree and MBA from BYU. He is also a member of the advisory board of the Ponseti International Association for the Treatment of Congenital Clubfoot at the University of Iowa. Since 1999, the Ponseti method has become the mainstream initial method of treatment for children born with congenital clubfoot throughout the world. Martin and Allyson have six children who have all attended BYU.