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Brian Bertha

Brian Bertha

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Member Since: 2015


Rachel Bertha

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Job Title: Senior Advisor
Company: Healthcare Innovation Technology Lab
Location: California, United States


  • hospital and health care


Brian Bertha is a senior advisor at Healthcare Innovation Technology Lab, a Columbia University affiliated research and consulting organization specializing in innovations in healthcare technologies and business models. He also works with IDNA providing training to companies on innovation methodology. Previously, he was COO for Crescendo Bioscience, senior vice president of patient relationship services at McKesson, senior management team member at Baxter Bioscience, and management consultant for Bain & Co. Before Bain, he was a practicing attorney. Brian earned his bachelor’s degree in international relations from BYU, his JD from Harvard Law School, and his MBA from IMD in Switzerland. Brian and Rachel have five children.