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Juleen R. Jackson

Juleen R. Jackson

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Member Since: 2006


Alvin B. Jackson Jr.


Juleen Jackson is the mother of seven children, two of whom were lost in infancy. She has actively served her community everywhere she’s lived. She’s served as vice president for the DC Chapter of American Mothers, the president of the United Women’s Forum, supporting her husband’s service in the Utah State Senate, and her son, Frank’s, path to the NBA. Juleen is a certified instructor for the Thomas Jefferson Center of Constitutional Studies and serves as senior instructor & advisor of cottage meetings for Moms for America. Juleen is an inspiring speaker and teacher as she brings the Constitution and principles of liberty to life in the homes and hearts of thousands of mothers and grandmothers across the nation in order to strengthen families and inspire civic action. Juleen loves living in the Washington D.C. metro area and being surrounded by the beauty and history of our nation’s capital. Al and Juleen have seven children.