Student Clubs

BYU Real Estate Association

The BYU Real Estate Association seeks to provide tools, training, experience and opportunities to students who are interested in increasing their marketability in the real estate field. The club also seeks to establish a network with various real estate professionals, generate meaningful service, and create valuable relationships for career opportunities.

Corporate Finance & Advisory Association

As a division of the BYU Finance Society, the Corporate Finance Club educates students about the corporate finance industry, provides them with professional opportunities, prepares them for the workforce, and meets their other individual career needs in whatever capacity. Students who attend the club can expect to learn and develop both technical and non-technical skill sets for a competitive advantage when pursuing employment in the field. Whether you are a current corporate finance enthusiast or just exploring areas in finance, the Corporate Finance Club is for you!

Investment Banking Association

Members gain industry insight as they participate in activities geared toward their interests. Our mission is to facilitate the placement of undergraduate and graduate students in investment banking careers through educational endeavors and interaction with Wall Street professionals.

Private Banking and Wealth Management Association

The Private Banking and Wealth Management Association is interested in the public markets. Students develop an understanding of the what, why, and how of investing across the capital structure via case studies, guest speakers, investment case competitions, networking trips, and financial modeling boot camps. To prepare for buy- or sell-side opportunities post-graduation, Private Banking and Wealth Management Association members are trained to (1) develop an investment philosophy, (2) gain relevant experience to craft their investing story, (3) think like a business owner, and (4) become technically prepared for the intense rigors of recruiting. Graduates enjoy geographically diverse opportunities investment banks, mutual funds, hedge funds, valuation firms, etc.