Students can choose to participate in a variety of projects. Please click on a section below to read more.

Business projects include most projects that would be sponsored by traditional corporate America and small businesses. These include projects oriented to marketing, strategy, corporate finance, human resources, supply chain, business managements, and so on.

Students apply a hands-on approach to learning and developing vital skills in project management, teamwork, and communication in order to making an impact for people around the world. Teams will work with their partner organizations to innovate solutions for the world’s most pressing social problems such as poverty, healthcare, education, and economic development.

Financial services and capital markets projects are staffed with one or two seniors who have recently completed summer internships and two or three underclassmen who are interested in the financial markets. Finance, economics, and accounting majors are most common. Investment research and portfolio management projects are common; however, an infinite variety of potential projects looking at both public and private equity opportunities are also available.