Ideally, field studies are student-led, faculty-advised 15-week projects that are sponsored by companies interested in hiring BYU Marriott MBA and other graduate-level BYU students. The projects address real-world problems faced by actual companies.

  1. Companies have regular contact with future MBA and other graduate-level students seeking career opportunities.
  2. Companies receive an advertising benefit that cannot be purchased. For more than twenty weeks the students talk about which field study opportunities, what their team is doing, and how the project went.
  3. The cost of the field study is an economical option to develop recommendations for the defined problem.

  1. An opportunity to solve real-world problems with the tools they are gaining in other coursework.
  2. Develop teamwork skills
  3. Gaining real “game experience” and offer insights that companies can implement
  4. Develop attributes that matter most to recruiters

Yes. Teams can miss up to one week of classes for international travel associated with a field study.

International travel reimbursement can be sought through the Global Business Center based on their CIBER grant. There are restrictions to who and what is covered by CIBER grants, so each project is considered on a case-by-case basis.

All other travel costs must be paid by the sponsoring company.

Please contact:

David Hollan
Director of Experiential Learning
BYU Marriott School of Business
441 TNRB
Provo, UT 84602
(801) 422-8928