Campus Policies

The BYU Marriott School of Business strives to create an environment that encourages professionalism and academic achievement in the Tanner Building. To help facilitate this goal, there are twenty-three flat-screen monitors in the Tanner Building designated to display digital advertisements.

Digital signage at BYU Marriott is intended to replace all printed signage, such as posters or vinyl lettering, except the following: information table signage, school-sponsored or special event signage, or building closure flyers.

Updated August 2018


Ads must be a standard (4:3) horizontal PowerPoint slide (preferred) or a 1024×768-pixel .jpg/.png with a resolution of at least 72 DPI. Slides will run 6–8 seconds each in a continual rotation. PDF files cannot be posted.


All ads must be created and submitted by the sponsoring organization.

Design tips:

  • Horizontal billboard-style design works best
  • Avoid text-heavy slides; Each slide gets 6–8 seconds of viewing time
  • Font size should be 12 points minimum
  • Sans serif fonts, such as Arial, are easier to read
  • Double-check content. Does it answer what, when, where?
  • BYU Marriott style formatting
    • Room numbers—Number before name: e.g. W408 TNRB
    • Dates—Weekday, Date Month: e.g. Thursday, 1 September
    • Time—Exclude :00, include periods in a.m. and p.m.: e.g. 9:30–11 a.m., 11 a.m.–1 p.m.


Ads should be sent to

The digital signage administrators reserve the right to change or edit the design or text of an ad; therefore, ads should be submitted in an editable format. If a .jpg/.png is submitted, it may be returned for correction. If after submission you notice a slight change that needs to be made, please contact


Submissions thirteen or more days before an event will run for two weeks. Submissions will not be accepted fewer than five business days before an event.

Sample Timelines:

SubmissionsNumber of Display Days
13+ business days before event10 business days
7 business days before event5 business days
5 business days before event3 business days
Less than 5 business days before eventNone

Slides for recurring or ongoing events will only be run for one two-week period per semester or term.


Only BYU Marriott or BYU-related events and information will be posted. Digital signage must not contain any unauthorized use of copyrighted materials or inappropriate language or images. By submitting slides for digital signage, you are stating that you have rights to use all images and content. BYU Marriott also prohibits advertising, selling, or soliciting by outside businesses, agencies, or individuals on digital signage.


BYU Marriott External Relations will be the key contact for signage. All slides will be reviewed by two editors. Editors may reject or restrict submissions.

On-Campus Community

We welcome submissions from other colleges and university groups outside BYU Marriott. We allow signage for one event per week to be displayed for one week. BYU Marriott style guide should be met as closely as possible.


The BYU Marriott Business Career Center will oversee recruiter ads. Please visit for guidelines. Ads will only be posted that comply with BYU’s On-Campus Recruiting Policy.


Exceptions to this policy may be requested by contacting

For some large BYU Marriott events, submitted ads may be paused to run event-related information.