Application Process

Potential applicants for the Cardon International Scholarships (CIS) may receive the application in several different ways.

First, when students fill out their graduate studies applications, they can check the box marked “I am interested in the CIS scholarship.” Once these students are provisionally accepted into their BYU Marriott graduate programs, they will receive the CIS application.

Second, we will be watching for potential scholarship candidates as applications are reviewed. 

Finally, students may also inform CIS director Jonathon Wood that they are interested in the scholarship. In fact, we encourage eligible students who are interested in attending BYU Marriott to reach out and connect with Wood as soon as they consider attending BYU, even if that is still one or two years in the future. This allows us to get to know potential students better, keep those students updated throughout the entire application process, and make informed decisions regarding CIS scholarship recipients.

Please note, however, that the best way to ensure receipt of the CIS scholarship application is to mark the appropriate box on the graduate studies application, notifying us of potential interest.

For additional information or if you have additional question, please contact CIS director Jonathon Wood at