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Bryce Berry

Bryce Berry

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I was born May 22, 1959 in Burley, ID. My parents were just out of high school when I was born. I was able to witness my dad putting my mom through college at BYU and then my mom did the reverse for my dad. When I was 10 my dad took a job with a firm in NYC. Living close to the city was a great experience. The history of the east coast combined with the different venues was enlightening to my education in a multitude of ways.

My senior year in high school my parents moved to Jerome, ID. I graduated from high school in Jerome and then started at BYU my freshman year in college.

When I turned 19, I entered the mission field in the Peru Lima South mission. The two years of service have burned a lasting testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ in my heart and mind. I have continued to serve in the church in many ways. I have been a young men’s leader for over 25 years.

After 6 semesters of school at BYU I graduated in History and Spanish with a BA degree. I worked construction during high school and after graduating at BYU. After one year I started working on my MBA at the University of Utah business school. During graduate school I was an assistant to Distinguished Professor Fred Herzberg. Dr. Herzberg was a recognized expert on “motivation” in the work place. I consulted for various companies while in school. I have used the knowledge gained in college my entire life.

Job History:

1985-86 Capital Glass Inc. SLC, UT Department manager over glass manufacturing.

1986-89 Sold our house that we built in 1985 and used the equity to buy our first Dairy Queen restaurant in Murray, UT. We purchased another 4 Dairy Queens in the next 2 years. It was not my favorite job and so I sold out and started anew.

1990-2007 Bindery Businesses/ Express Solutions, LLC

I took a job as manager of production for Hiller book binding in 1990. In 1991 I took a job with a customer of Hiller and worked in printing, binding, and selling. In 1994 I started my own bindery in SLC, UT. The bindery named Express Solutions was one of the largest in the western states when I sold it in 2001. I stayed on as a commission sales person for 5+ years.

2005 I was looking for something to focus on after selling the bindery. I was introduced to the fitness industry by my brother in law. In 2006 I opened my first Gold’s Gym in Grand Junction, CO. I have continued to open new fitness locations in CO, WY and WA. It is fulfilling to help people reach their fitness goals and feel good about themselves. As a Golds Gym owner I received various awards: best new gym in NA, visionary of the year, and franchisee of the year. As an owner, I focus on creating ways for my management staff to grow to the point where the staff can run the entire operation.

During my entire life I have loved to exercise. I ran marathons for 20+ years. I have completed Olympic triathlons over 12 times. I hike, bike, run, golf, and swim.

In 2014, my wife Janell was diagnosed with breast cancer. We had raised 4 children (1 son Clint, and 3 daughters Caroline, Jacquelyn, and Kate). My wife died in April of 2016.

In the fall of 2017 I married Tyresha. We have been happily married for years. We travel and spend time with our grandkids and kids.