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Micah Christensen

Micah Christensen

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Member Status: Founder
Member Since: 2021


Job Title: President
Company: Tompkins Street, Inc.


  • Real Estate Investing
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Multifamily Land Development


If you ask Micah's friends and family to describe him, the word "unconventional" often comes up. Maybe it's from when he built a homemade parachute to try while cliff jumping at Flaming Gorge, or when he bought a used Greyhound bus for road trips with friends while at BYU. Or perhaps the time the Utah County sheriff's department showed up to tell him and his roommates that the 500 Christmas trees they'd gathered for a big bonfire was a few too many. This unconventional creativity has always drawn Micah to entrepreneurship. After graduating from BYU, Micah started and sold a small business, then the real estate crash began and he started buying and selling numerous properties across 11 different states. Micah's love of adventure and family fun prompted him to keep various vacation rentals, particularly in Utah and on the Big Island of Hawaii. Most recently Micah has gotten involved in multifamily development & building a couple of large apartment complexes in Utah.

His wife Rachel also graduated from BYU and worked as a program director for the Rollins Center prior to marrying Micah. They have six children.