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Tony Galati

Tony Galati

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Website: https://www.mycomputercareer.edu/


Job Title: CEO/Founder
Company: MyComputerCareer
Location: North Carolina, United States


  • Leadership
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  • Information Technology


Tony is the Founder and CEO of MyComputerCareer, a proprietary college through which people with no Information Technology experience develop the skills, gain the knowledge, and obtain the certifications to begin and pursue a career in the I.T. industry.

Tony began as a graduate of the BYU Marriott School of Management. His first few jobs were in accounting, but he soon realized he was eager for a change. Tony was able to transition from accounting into I.T. as a help-desk technician. From there he became a team leader and instructor and quickly began teaching I.T. for many of the country's top training companies.

After many years of teaching tech skills to other I.T. professionals, Tony decided to move onward with his love for the craft by founding MyComputerCareer. From one instructor and small support staff, the company transitioned into a national institution with an extensive online learning program.