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Kristen Lamb Reilly

Kristen Lamb Reilly

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Website: https://www.ecovap.com/


Job Title: COO
Company: EcoVap Inc.
Location: Utah, United States


  • Mother, Entrepreneur, Executive, Philanthropist


First and foremost Kristen is the mother of 5 children which is her greatest joy in life. Together with her husband Rob, she owned and operated several businesses including becoming licensed commercial and residential building contractors. From there, the couple expanded into an award-winning Interior Design Firm where Kristen’s design talents have won awards and recognition in both commercial and private sectors and the proprietors of a Retail Furniture Store. Kristen has also been involved at the executive and ownership level with online educational software initiatives, Aviation Made Easy, and Dynactive Educational Software. In 2012, after the loss of Rob to a tragic airplane crash, Kristen jumped back into the corporate world, where she has engaged, invested, and worked to develop proprietary products and spearhead growth strategies in both the aviation community with Best Tugs, LLC and the Oil Waste Water, Mining, Utility, and remediation industries where she currently serves as the COO for ECOVAP Inc. ECOVAP is an award-winning leader in environmentally friendly wastewater elimination.

Most recently Kristen met and married Keith Reilly, a transplant from California to Utah after the passing of his wife Tori. Together they share the love of 10 married children and 7 grandchildren.