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Nathan Hale

Nathan Hale

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Member Status: Silver
Member Since: 2014


Job Title: CEO
Company: Sawgrass Technologies, Inc
Location: South Carolina, United States


  • Mass Customization, Ink, Computers, Printers, Software, Buy/Sell Networks and Franchising


Nathan Hale founded Sawgrass Technologies, Inc. in 1988 in Columbia, SC, and relocated the company to Charleston in 1990. Sawgrass was originally a software/systems integration business, which Nathan refocused from software development to development of integrated software and ink technologies for the emerging digital decorating marketplace. Sawgrass relies heavily on its extensive patent portfolio (161 national and international patents) and global distribution partners in over 124 countries around the world. Today Sawgrass is evolving it’s far reaching digital decorating strategic partners into a global buy/sell network platform. As a pioneer in the field of digital transfer printing and the mass customization of products, Nathan has positioned Sawgrass in its category as a global leader in ink printing technologies. In addition to building a small international technology company Nathan diversified into franchising working with his children to help them build a base of 15 franchised food stores. A native of Idaho, Nathan attended BYU where he met and married Stacy Nichols. The couple has four daughters.