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Matthew T. Sederberg

Matthew T. Sederberg

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Job Title: CEO
Company: Coreform LLC
Location: Utah, United States


  • CEO, computer software, bootstrapped technology startups, computer-aided design software, obtaining government funding, selling and marketing 3rd party software products.


Matthew Sederberg attended BYU as a Hinckley Scholar, graduating in 2005 with a B.A. in economics with minors in math and Russian. While at school, his dad, a BYU computer science professor, invented a groundbreaking computer-aided design (CAD) technology called T-Splines. Together the two benefitted immensely from the BYU Business Plan Competition, where they placed 2nd in 2004. It took years for their small, bootstrapped team to successfully productize T-Splines, but it eventually became an industry standard and their company was purchased in 2011 by Autodesk, an industry leader and $2B publicly-traded company based in San Rafael, CA. He then worked at Autodesk until 2016, helping integrate T-splines into the hands of hundreds of thousands of users. Later Matthew was the head of Autodesk's automotive design software, used by all global automotive brands. In 2016 he left Autodesk to become co-founder and CEO of Coreform LLC, developing technology to significantly improve computer aided engineering (CAE) accuracy and improve the connection between CAD and CAE. Matthew and his wife Tricia have 3 young kids.