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Reed M. Quinn

Reed M. Quinn

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Website: https://www.sparkinnovation.net/


Job Title: Founder
Company: Spark Innovation
Location: Utah, United States


  • Product Development, China Manufacturing


Reed does like to read but actually prefers audio books these days. He is a father of six, two precious girls and four wonderful boys. Reed is an owner/founder of a half dozen successful consumer product brands including KT TAPE, FiberFix, CoverGrip, ScreenMend and most recently Torie and Howard and at least twice that many marginal ones. Reed likes to tinker and has more than 30 patents, a couple of which are actually worth something. Reed flies airplanes, speaks Chinese, and plays racquetball (usually not at the same time).

Charity was born in Taiwan, attended BYU and later married a scruffy looking American. Although Reed and Charity frequently meet people with more kids, they have never met another couple who had them so quickly without having twins. Let us know if you can beat six kids in four years and ten month otherwise Charity is going to keep claiming Super-Mom status. Super-Mom duties include, a lot of driving, practicing musical instruments, and shopping. Charity enjoys genealogy, quilting and is an excellent cook.