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Nicholas A. Greer

Nicholas A. Greer

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Member Status: Bronze
Current Position: Board Member
Member Since: 2011

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Website: https://builtbar.com


Job Title: CEO
Company: Built
Location: Utah, United States


  • Nick has a gift to search and watch for strengths in people and then will nurture, refine, stretch and lead them toward excellence.


Nick and his wife Deborah have seven amazing children and one adorable grandchild. The Greer’s love to spend time together on their adventure in life. Each one of the family brings a unique personality and lots of energy to everything they do. Nick and Deborah create experiences for their family and others that connect people and inspire them to do good.
One experience the Greer’s have created is with their non-profit organization, the Five12 Foundation. Each Wednesday, the Greer family and volunteers from the community gather and pack 2000 bags of food for children who go home on the weekend to little or no food. The Greer’s are all hands on and in typical Greer style it’s an hour of organized crazy fun service.

Another way the Greer’s are changing the world is through Nick’s latest adventure with their business BUILT. BUILT has created the most amazing tasting protein bars on the planet that also have the best nutritional profile. BUILT is changing the options for people to stay healthy and eat good. 100% chocolate with zero guilt. What more could you want? You’ve got to try one!

The Greer family are ALL in and will always be looking for experiences to create change to inspire people to do good and having a blast doing it.