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Richard J. Christiansen

Richard J. Christiansen

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Job Title: Founder / Owner
Company: The Storm Group
Location: Utah, United States


  • CEO, owner, writer/editor


Rich Christiansen is a thought leader, educator, mentor, parallel entrepreneur, and humanitarian. He has founded or co-founded 51 businesses, of which 16 have become multimillion-dollar successes. Each was capitalized with $10,000 or less. He has done business in 14 countries.

Rich authored The ZigZag Principle (McGraw Hill, 2011) a Wall Street Journal & USA today national best-selling book, and co-authored Bootstrap Business. He recently released a program on Building Family Legacies.

Together with his family, Rich loves to explore and spelunk slot canyons and crest the summits of high mountain peaks. He has stared up the throat of Mt. Everest three times, summited Mt. Kilimanjaro with his wife and sons. Frisbee golf, longboarding, zipping down the ski slopes like a teenager are among his hobbies. He is a passionate golfer and loves fast zippy cars that are technology loaded.

He and his wife are the parents of five amazing sons as well as a daughter who came from Nepal. They have 10 beautiful grandchildren.

One of Rich’s significant talents is spotting and mentoring winners, having launched and trained hundreds of young women and men over the years. He is presently a Regent on the Board of Higher Education in the State of Utah.

Rich is the founder of HooDoo Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm.