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Dee G. Anderson Jr.

Dee G. Anderson Jr.

Membership Information:

Member Status: Bronze
Member Since: 1991


Job Title: Managing Member
Company: Norske Holdings LP
Location: Texas, United States


  • Computer Software, Import/Export, Investment Banking, Owner, Partner, Telecommunications


Dee has been involved in many startup companies over a 35 year career. His most recent startup company is in the Solar Energy space in California called SolaraForce, Inc. His background includes Telecommunications, Real Estate Development, Technology Commercialization, Computer Aided Design and Modeling, Oil and Gas and imports. He is a dedicated Entrepreneur and supports Community Entrepreneurial activities where ever he lives.

Business Profile:

Associate VP of Technology Commercialization at University of Texas - Dallas. Founded technology related companies and has experience in real estate, software development, and licensing.

Family Profile:

Seven children.