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R. Trent Kimball

R. Trent Kimball

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Website: http://www.texasarmoring.com


Job Title: President / CEO
Company: Texas Armoring Corporation
Location: Texas, United States


  • Automotive, Industrial Goods/Manufacturing


Trent Kimball is president and CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC), the leading worldwide supplier of lightweight armored vehicles and custom bulletproof cars. The company focuses on engineering, innovation, protection, lightweight armor applications, and premuim finishing. The Kimball family name is synonymous with premium quality in the armoring industry. For the past two decades, Trent has lead the market through innovation and superior business leadership. His vision and business acumen have positioned Texas Armoring Corp. as the preferred worldwide supplier of lightweight armored passenger vehicles. Trent is a proud alumnus of UVU and big supporter of all things BYU. Through his business, Trent has had the unique opportunity to travel the world and meet with executives, diplomats, industrialists, politicians, and high-level government officials. Additionally, he has appeared on CNN, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Speed Channel, TLC, and many other television and radio networks. Trent his wife Courtney reside in San Antonio, TX, with their 9 children.