Information Systems Department Advisory Board

Jef Clark

Jef Clark


Job Title: IT Senior Director - App Delivery
Company: Melaleuca, Inc


Jef Clark, member of the BYU Information Systems Advisory Board, started at Melaleuca in 2008 as a Senior Software Engineer. His first project was to convert the company's legacy CRM applications from Visual Basic to the platform. This included systems to enroll customers and place orders. In 2009, he was promoted to a Software Architect and helped architect and convert the older web ColdFusion-based website to the new C# .NET platform on which is used globally today. In the following years, Jef took his skills on the road. He was the technical lead for the global initiative to convert all CRM applications in all markets to the Melaleuca standard. He traveled and worked with business and IT counterparts in Japan, Taiwan, China, and Korea to help define requirements, build functionality and convert business processes for these system conversions. These systems, most still in use today, handle all customer enrollments and orders, globally. In 2014, Jef took on the leadership opportunity to manage the International Software Development department. During his time in this role, he was able to build successful software development teams in Korea, Taiwan, and China that completed projects and provided development support for the AsiaPac region. In 2018, Jef was given the opportunity to lead the Software Development, DevOps, Release Management, and Quality Engineering teams globally as the IT Director of Global Application Delivery. Currently, his teams, across the globe, are responsible for the application delivery for Melaleuca in 19 different countries. This global Application Delivery department handles development, test, and release activities almost 24 hours a day. Jef and his wife, Sarah, live in Eastern Idaho where they try to keep up with four active teenage kids. Jef is an avid sports fan and has a love for baseball. He can be found watching his kids play at local parks or following the Atlanta Braves at home. Jef currently has a son serving in the Sacramento, California mission.