Information Systems Department Advisory Board

Derrick Bowen

Derrick Bowen

Membership Information:

Member Since: 2021


Job Title: Principal
Company: Pariveda Solutions


Derrick Bowen leads Cloud-first Software Development, Customer Experience and Strategy projects with a focus on tackling bold ideas as incremental improvements. At Pariveda, We help businesses solve unknown/unmet problems, especially those problems that span the edges between industries, knowledge domains, or technologies. The mission and purpose of the company is to develop, manage and apply talent for the benefit of clients, in partnership and for profit. Pariveda develops the individual on their own timetable and independent of their peers. He serves as a mentor for several Pariveda employees, and is a leader for the Pariveda Internship program.

As an executive in the Houston office, Mr. Bowen is leading the focus on the Energy Transition as the world has more uncertainty and is moving at a faster pace than ever before. Power structures are shifting, energy is transitioning, and the daily flood of information creates transparency and fog at the same time.


Derrick Bowen graduated from BYU with a Master of Information Management (MISM) in 2010. As a 4th generation BYU student, Derrick is proud of the BYU heritage.


Derrick is married to Jennifer Bowen and they have 4 boys. They enjoy camping, biking, music, and traveling. Derrick served in the Utica, New York Mission.