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Fred L. Carpenter

Fred L. Carpenter

Membership Information:

Member Status: Silver
Member Since: 2004


Job Title: Managing Partner, Chief Inspiration Officer
Company: Pharos Luz Advisors, Inc.
Location: California, United States


  • Corporate Leadership Facilitation/Executive Coach
  • Commercial Real Estate - Private Investor, Advisory Services


Fred Carpenter is Managing Partner & Chief Inspiration Officer of Pharos Luz Advisor, a thought leader providing Organizational Facilitation and Executive Coaching to Corporate Leadership Teams. In addition to provided his services to companies active in the Healthcare, Corporate, and Non-Profit space, he is associated with Vistage Worldwide, the world’s leading CEO organization. He serves as a Master Chair of four CEO and C-Level Peer Advisory Boards in the Los Angeles and Phoenix.

Prior to Pharos Luz Advisors, Fred was the managing partner of The Glenwood Group, an internally funded venture capital fund with investments in commercial real estate, technology, financial services, and education.

After Fred graduated from BYU with a MBA in 1981, he began his business career working in the real estate investment department of Bechtel Investments, Inc. in San Francisco and Equitec Financial Group, Inc. in Oakland. In 1987, he was a founding partner and CEO of Glenwood Financial Group in Los Angeles.