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Student Experiences

A Giant GSCM Homecoming

On August 4, 2022, approximately 60 people from the global supply chain management (GSCM) program at the BYU Marriott School of Business gathered for an annual event designed to bring together alumni and students. During this year’s event, held at Rock Canyon in Provo, barbeque was served and conversations were shared.

BYU Marriott GSCM alumni gathered at another activity prior to the Rock Canyon event.
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Graham.

“During these events, which are held every year, the goal is to connect alumni and current students, expand the network of the program, and maintain valuable relationships,” says Scott Webb, GSCM associate teaching professor.

Connection and relationships are things that are valued and cherished within the GSCM program. Professors and directors dedicate their free time and keep their office doors open to all students, past and present. They want everyone to feel welcome no matter what their background may be.

“We try hard not just to create a family feel in the program but to perpetuate that idea,” Webb says. “For these events, we invite not only the alumni but also their spouses and children to attend. This allows us to build even more connections and a greater sense of belonging across all boards.”

People traveled from as far away as Colorado to attend. Professors gave out swag to students who could answer quiz questions from their junior core year. The event featured invaluable opportunities to reconnect, network, and mingle. Alumni of the program are always reminded of their time as students at BYU when attending these events. Many of them strive to maintain relationships with their peers, and they appreciate the support they received from one another as they began their careers.

Rock Canyon in Provo.
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Graham.

Ashley Howe, BYU Marriott GSCM alumna, found the event to be a beautiful, and hot, evening. “It felt like a giant homecoming with family and friends,” she says. “The GSCM program helped so many of us alumni find our place at BYU and in the workforce. Imposter syndrome as a professional in the field will always be present, but I am far more confident and a stronger contributor because my classmates and professors showed me that I am worth the investment and deserve to be where I stand today.”

Carly Goff, another BYU Marriott GSCM alumna, also felt the event was a great opportunity to reconnect with fellow alumni and current students in the program. “The best part was hearing how the program is growing and evolving,” she says. “The number of students admitted to the program and the companies that come to recruit may have changed over the years, but it’s comforting to see that the passion for supply chain is still going strong.”

Webb and other professors in the program strive to create a strong bond and connection among the GSCM family at BYU every year. “With these events, we want to support and connect our students and alumni in their multiple endeavors for a successful future.”


Writer: Sophia Shafkalis