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BYU Recognizes ExDM Professor for Excellence in Mentoring

At the end of every academic year, BYU awards one professor from each college with the Inspiring Learning Award. Experience design and management (ExDM) professor Ramon Zabriskie is the 2022 BYU Marriott School of Business recipient for the student-nominated award. The honor recognizes a faculty or staff member’s dedication to student growth through active mentoring.

BYU Marriott professor Ramon Zabriskie, recipient of the BYU Inspiring Learning Award.

Zabriskie was chosen as the BYU Marriott recipient because multiple students nominated him and their appreciation for Zabriskie stood out to the award’s evaluators, said BYU Career Services associate director Adrienne Chamberlain. The students’ nominations included descriptions of Zabriskie’s impact on their future careers and their experiences as students.

“I don’t know if anything could be better for a teacher than to be honored by their students,” Zabriskie says. “I am humbled, grateful, and truly honored to interact with, learn from, and teach such incredible individuals.”

One ExDM student who nominated Zabriskie for the award wrote, “He helped me realize I can pursue whatever I set my mind to, as long as I remember to lead with love.” Another added, “He taught us how to empathize with everyone we are designing experiences for. His class completely changed the trajectory of my career and academic goals.”

ExDM department chair Neil Lundberg is grateful for the impact Zabriskie makes on students. “Ramon shows up for class every day ready to care for and support students,” Lundberg says. “They know he loves them and is there for them in every way possible. He exemplifies the aims of a BYU education in everything he does.”

The award, which is accompanied by $500, was presented at a university-wide ceremony on April 1, 2022, by BYU Career Services.


Writer: Mike Miller