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Employee Spotlight

Finding Her Place in Entrepreneurship

When students enter The Slab, the Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology’s newly remodeled office space in the Tanner Building, they will often be greeted by office manager Rose Blamires. She may be behind the soda counter making someone a drink, on her laptop completing various office tasks, or sitting in a brightly colored chair, chatting with a student about their aspirations. Whatever the activity, Blamires is an integral part of the BYU Marriott School of Business’s entrepreneurship center and strives to use her strengths to make the Rollins Center a place of collaboration and inclusivity.

Rose Blamires is the office manager for BYU Marriott's Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology.
Photo courtesy of Rose Blamires.

Originally from Round Rock, Texas, Blamires made her way to Provo to earn her undergraduate degree in 2015. While attending BYU, she studied education and planned to be a schoolteacher. However, as Blamires was completing her mandatory student teaching, she realized that although she was passionate about education, a career in education ultimately wasn’t what she wanted for her future.

“I loved my program. I met so many awesome people and had wonderful friends and professors, but I realized I didn't want to teach for my career. Teaching is a demanding job, and I didn’t think it would be good for me in the long run,” says Blamires.

After graduating in 2019 and knowing she didn’t want to pursue teaching, Blamires was searching for work when she discovered the office manager position at the Rollins Center. She was hired onto the team and hasn’t looked back. Whether she’s bookkeeping, doing HR work, or figuring out new marketing strategies, Blamires helps keep the Rollins Center open and ready to serve BYU’s entrepreneurial student community. She has been able to apply her natural talents of organization and friendliness t o help the center thrive, and has also developed new skills that have encouraged her to step outside of her comfort zone.

Rose can often be found making free drinks for students who visit The Slab, the new creative space for the Rollins Center.
Photo courtesy of Rose Blamires.

"When I came to BYU Marriott, I noticed the students were strong-willed and confident, so I was intimidated at first,” says Blamires. “But since becoming office manager, I've been able to grow and come out of my shell. I've come into my own and gained confidence in myself as a person and employee.”

Working at the Rollins Center has also helped Blamires explore her creative talents and has taught her that everyone has ideas worth contributing, regardless of major.

"Although I initially felt like I didn’t belong, I soon realized I have a place in the Rollins Center because I'm creative too. I have thoughts and ideas that I can contribute, and my ideas don’t have to pertain to business specifically,” explains Blamires. “That's been an interesting part of being at the Rollins Center. Our space is not just for people who are starting their own companies and businesses. When you are an entrepreneur, you need many people to contribute, including artists, engineers, and people with various interests.”

Blamires enjoys watching as people from different disciplines connect with each other. As she personally greets and chats with those who enter the creative space, Blamires hopes she can help create a comfortable and open atmosphere where people are encouraged to go out of their way to meet new people.

With a desire to improve the lives of the people around her, Blamires aspires to be a force of positivity, friendliness, and compassion as she interacts with center participants.

“I want to get to know people. I want to know their names,” she says. “I want to be a positive part of their day, so when they think back about visiting the Rollins Center, they say, ‘Wow, it was really cool to talk with Rose. She made me and my ideas feel important.’”


Writer: Marissa Lundeen