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Employee Spotlight

Available for Her Family

After initially attending Utah Valley University and Southern Utah University as an undergraduate in the early 2000s, Sara Hubbs felt prompted to transfer to BYU.

BYU Marriott assistant dean of finance and HR Sara Hubbs.
Photo courtesy of Sara Hubbs.

That decision led to a fulfilling career that ultimately included returning to Provo as an assistant dean of finance and HR at the BYU Marriott School of Business.

Spiritual guidance has been important throughout Hubbs’s career, so she is grateful for the direction she received to return to BYU. While Hubbs was initially unsure about the school, she knew she wanted to study accounting from a young age. Her passion for the field started in high school when she took an introductory accounting class.

"I loved that class. Watching the numbers always balance out perfectly was so gratifying for me,” she recalls. “Accounting touches everything, which provides an opportunity to work with many different people. I was intrigued because I also absolutely love people.”

As Hubbs began to explore accounting, she realized the field could also help her meet one of her life goals: being a mother. Hubbs appreciated that accounting offered flexibility, creating an opportunity for her to pursue a career while also raising children.

Hubbs (center) with her three daughters and husband, Kade.
Photo courtesy of Sara Hubbs.

With that in mind, Hubbs started exploring colleges, but BYU was not on her radar. She opted for UVU and then SUU, but “I felt like I wasn’t where I needed to be,” Hubbs says. “I was then surprised with inspiration to transfer to BYU, even though I was unsure why at first.” She is grateful she followed the guidance to come to Provo, where she found a place of belonging and met her husband, Kade. Hubbs’s completion of a MAcc degree from BYU Marriott in 2005 also prepared her to pursue her accounting dreams.

After graduating, Hubbs’s first job was with Provo-based accounting firm Gilbert & Stewart. The company allowed Hubbs to work from home, enabling her to raise her children. She had her first child while in the BYU Marriott accounting program junior core, with the second joining the family shortly after her graduation. Hubbs and her husband now have three children, all girls. “My biggest goal has always been to make sure I stay as close to my family as possible, because they are what matters most,” she explains.

Hubbs holding her oldest daughter during her graduation from BYU Marriott in 2005.
Photo courtesy of Sara Hubbs.

Hubbs worked at Gilbert & Stewart for seven years before transitioning to working as an accountant for various local governments. “I decided to make a change because government positions seemed to have a nice work-life balance as well as a meaningful purpose,” she says. For the next seven years, Hubbs held various roles with the city of Provo, the city of Payson, and Utah County. She enjoyed her work, but another spiritual prompting brought her back to BYU Marriott in 2019.

“I learned at a young age and throughout my career to trust promptings and follow the Lord’s plans for me. One night I felt inspired to look at a BYU job board, and a position at BYU Marriott was open. I was further guided to apply, and now I am back at my alma mater,” Hubbs explains.

In her role with the BYU Marriott Deans Office, Hubbs appreciates the opportunity to fulfill many of her dreams. She continues to raise her three daughters and enjoys working with numbers while being surrounded by people who inspire her. “BYU Marriott is so supportive of making sure I can be available for my family,” she says.

Hubbs (far left) with her three daughters while golfing, one of the family's hobbies.
Photo courtesy of Sara Hubbs.

As someone who has witnessed spirituality play a large role in her career, Hubbs is also grateful for the incorporation of religion at BYU Marriott. “I always tell my daughters to keep an eternal perspective, so I appreciate that I can share that perspective and focus on Christ at my job,” she adds.


Writer: Mike Miller