Student Information

The SEP course1 is available to BYU Marriott students who are juniors, seniors, or are enrolled in business graduate programs2. Pre-business students are not eligible to participate. International students are also encouraged to participate as this program is considered a class and coursework. Projects may be a hybrid of both onsite/remote work or completely remote work. All project internships must be completed by 6 August 2021.

Students can sign up for one project:

  • Four-week project (must begin by 12 July 2021)
  • Eight-week project (must begin by 14 June 2021)

Depending on the length of the project, participating students must also complete surveys to as part of the coursework requirements:

  • Four-week project – Final survey
  • Eight-week project – Mid-term survey and final survey

Students who rejected summer internship offers during Fall 2020/Winter 2021 semesters may not be eligible for the SEP. All projects must be approved by the BCC career advisor over the student’s major.

Upon completion of the SEP, students must also submit a one-page comprehensive summary report of their experience to their BCC career director.

Students who plan to work both on-campus and SEP jobs will need to contact their on-campus employer.

Compensation details can be obtained by contacting the program-specific career advisor from the Business Career Center (BCC) at 801-422-5800 or by email at

1. Participants must sign up for MSB 199R ($315 tuition cost if not enrolled in another class) or MSB 496R ($815 tuition cost if not enrolled in another class) course upon approval and acceptance.

2. There may be FICA tax implications for undergraduate students taking less than three credit hours during a term. Students may contact BCC career director with any questions.

International Students

International students may need to provide additional documents in order to be eligible to participate in the SEP.

J-1 Visa Holders

Students who are J-1 visa holders will need to consult with their program specific career advisor in the BCC before proceeding. The BCC can be contacted at 801-422-5800 or by email at

F-1 Visa Holders

Students who are F-1 visa holders will need to obtain the following documents prior to filling out the required International Student Services (ISS) e-form:

  •  Proof (e.g. screenshot) showing the student has registered for the appropriate undergraduate or graduate course
  •  Curricular Practical Training (CPT) certification form signed by the student”s career advisor from the BCC
  •  Offer letter for Summer Experience Project signed by employer

Once all three documents have been obtained, students holding F-1 visas must complete the ISS e-form.

Student Application

To be considered for employment as part of the Summer Experience Program, students will need to complete an application that can be viewed by potential employers. As part of the application process, students must submit an up-to-date résumé.

Employers will review candidate pool and select qualified student candidates for interviews. After completing interviews, employers will submit formal offers to selected students.

Students can being the application process by clicking the “Student Application” button below:

Student Testimonials

“The Summer Experience Program was something that filled a desperate need of mine to complete an internship as part of earning my bachelor’s degree in accounting. Like many others, my initial internship in 2020 did not work out because of the coronavirus pandemic. The SEP helped me get work experience from a six-week internship that has been incredibly valuable to me as I prepare for a future career in accounting.”

Brandon Douglass, School of Accountancy

“I am appreciative to have had an opportunity to get some real-world experience in my field without any fear of getting sick during the coronavirus pandemic. The SEP helped me find a remote experience that was flexible with my schedule and allowed me to manage my time by myself. I cannot thank the BCC enough for supporting my education and academic experience at the BYU Marriott School of Business.” 

Otgonbayar Erdenebaatar, MPA

“My experience with the SEP was great. Through the efforts of those in the BCC, I was given the opportunity to gain new experiences and I even got a part-time job for the school year.” 

Emily Cottrell, Marketing