Employer Information

Employers who have applied for the SEP can assign one project per student, with all project internships completed on or before 6 August 2021:

  • Four-week project (must begin by 12 July 2021)
  • Eight-week project (must begin by 14 June 2021)

If employers want to hire more than one student, separate applications must be submitted for each student to be hired.

Employers must agree to an initial project review call with BCC, and all projects must be approved by the SEP manager and the designated BCC career advisor. Employers must also sign and submit an internship master agreement as part of the application process.

Projects must provide approximately one hundred sixty hours of work to student, and the project sponsor must provide clear purpose and direction to the student. Additionally, employers must participate in the grading of the student by providing student participation and results feedback to the BCC.

If an employer would like to keep a student employed beyond the project end date, the employer will need to contract and compensate the student independently after completion of SEP.

In lieu of providing a summer project, employers may also sponsor students by making a donation to the Summer Experience Program.

Employers can begin the application process by clicking the “Employer Application” button below:

Employer Testimonials

“The Summer Experience Program was great as the program allowed us to elevate some work we needed to be completed. The program also provided us with new insights into what we are doing as a company.” 


“Our company had three BYU Marriott student interns come from the SEP and they were fantastic. The students unpacked processes in our company that would have taken us much more time to do without their help. The three students helped us to launch a process five or so months ahead of our original schedule. The students not only unpacked our due diligence process, but also ran about twelve opportunities through the process and presented their findings to the customers. This was a fantastic program for our company to participate in. Thanks!” 

Summit Venture Studio 

“We had two fantastic BYU Marriott interns, and I was so impressed by the caliber of their ideas, their organization and dependability, and their overall can-do attitudes about any project we gave them. Our accounting intern revamped all our accounting systems, and our marketing intern helped us create a strategy for our new campaign. Can’t say enough about what a pleasure it was to have their help and work with them!” 

The Small Seed