For more information on recruiting resources at BYU Marriott, please see below.

The BCC is on the north side of the fourth floor of the Tanner Building.

Yes! As a recruiter, you will be contacted about a week in advance from your interview date, to determine whether you would like to participate. The BCC will assist you in ordering your specific meal the morning of interviews. Some of the BYU Marriott faculty members will also attend the lunch, providing a great opportunity to further foster recruiting relationships.

Campus tours are a great way to feel more connected to BYU and its students.  If you have an interest in better understanding what BYU offers its students, please visit the campus tours website to schedule a campus tour. 

If you are planning on shipping material for your event, please review the following guidelines:

  • Please send materials at least two weeks prior to your on-campus event. In order to successfully receive your package, campus mail requires the use of either USPS, FedEx, or UPS
  • Please number the packages and mark each package with your company name
  • Please notify our recruiter support team of your shipment, when to expect your materials and how many packages will be arriving

To avoid possible delays or lost items, please ship to the following address:

Recruiter Support Team
Attn: Melinda Maughan
410 TNRB
Provo, UT 84602

Recruiters can advertise in the Tanner Building by submitting a one-slide PowerPoint to their designated recruiting coordinator. The slide will then be shown on the monitors throughout the building for 6-8 seconds on a rotation. For digital signage specifications and how to submit slides, click here. Your slide cannot be posted unless it adheres to these policies. 

Students are highly motivated to attend an info session or approach a booth if food is being served. This is a common and successful tactic for recruiters. If you are planning to bring food for students, please note that all food provided to students on-campus must be approved by BYU. The BCC takes no responsibility in ordering or serving food at your event.

BYU Food to Go offers many varieties of food and snacks, or you can consult the list of approved off-campus caterers. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact your designated recruiting coordinator.

Handshake is BYU’s system for managing undergraduate and graduate recruiting. All job postings, interview schedules, info sessions, and other recruiting events are approved through this system. After sending in a request, you will be assigned to a recruiting coordinator who will then attend to your request. The request will be processed and approved within three business days.