25 Years of Matchmaking

PROVO, Utah – Mar 23, 2022 – Shawna Gygi is a matchmaker at the BYU Marriott School of Business, but her efforts aren’t focused on pairings that result in weddings. As an assistant director of the BYU Marriott MBA Career Management program, Gygi is dedicated to creating business-oriented relationships by connecting MBA students with their dream jobs—a role she feels is particularly meaningful because she works in her own dream job.

In order to connect students with potential careers, Gygi maintains a strong network of BYU alumni, mentors, donors, and friends who have previously hired BYU Marriott students. “My network is one of the greatest joys of my job,” she says. “I take good care of the people in my network, and I try to ensure that I use my influence with them wisely.”

While matchmaking, Gygi reaches out to specific people in her network who seem to best align with each student’s interests and needs. She says MBA students are always welcome to come to her office so that she can get to know them better and can be better equipped to help with their job searches. “I want students to receive what they came to BYU Marriott for, which is typically an education centered around a career that fits their interests,” she explains. “Some students are on a fact-finding mission and don’t have a concrete direction for their careers yet. Part of my job is to help students discover what they want and clarify their direction.”

Gygi understands the blessings that come when people are passionate about their jobs; she has been at BYU Marriott for nearly 25 years and finds fulfillment and joy in her work almost every day. “I am a person who truly understands and values relationships, and at the end of the day, that’s what my job is about,” she says.

With the hope that others will find the same passion and joy in their future jobs, Gygi always asks MBA students what they love to do so she can help them land in their dream jobs. “My position provides opportunities for me to learn about companies, students, and professors,” she says. “Those learnings are the foundation of the ‘matchmaking’ that I do.”

Although she has held the same position for many years and witnessed many changes, Gygi remains focused on her mission. When she first started, she printed out job openings and prepared binders that students could read to learn about different opportunities. Initially, each MBA class had around 60 students, but now Gygi works with classes of about 150 students every year.

Outside of work, Gygi also focuses on relationships by spending time with her family. She and her husband, Bryan, have three children and three grandchildren who all live near Provo. “I’m glad my family is in proximity, because we frequently spend time together,” she says. Her family enjoys being outside, and Gygi can be found doing anything from participating in snow or water sports to riding a longboard that she built herself.

Gygi is grateful not only to work at her dream job but also to work for an organization that represents her values. “I enjoy the opportunity to impact people. My job gives me a chance to rub shoulders and maintain relationships with bright, amazing, talented students and alumni,” she explains. “I also appreciate what BYU Marriott stands for, and I want to see those values continue. By matching students with incredible employers, I am helping to leave an impact on students and communities.”

MBA "matchmaker" Shawna Gygi. Photo courtesy of Shawna Gygi.

Media Contact: Chad Little (801) 422-1512
Writer: Mike Miller