No IS Without Teamwork

PROVO, Utah – Jan 27, 2021 – When he first started classes at BYU, Jonathan Grether was planning to pursue a degree in the medical field. However, after taking an introduction to information systems class at the BYU Marriott School of Business, he discovered his aptitude for information systems (IS). Now, as a manager at Cloudmed, which helps hospital systems recover revenue losses, he impacts the medical field—just not in the way he once expected.

The opportunity to contribute to the medical field motivates Grether to work hard at his job. “I’m driven by the higher purpose of Cloudmed,” he says. “With the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, many hospitals have struggled to keep their operations going. The work my team and I do at Cloudmed helps healthcare workers retain their revenue, allowing them to focus more on patient care. Knowing that the work I’m doing is helping these essential workers gives me a sense of fulfillment, and it’s a big part of the reason why I jumped into this particular sector.”

Work in the medical industry often presents Grether with new and unique problems, which is one of his favorite aspects of IS in general. “My love for IS started back in my intro to programming class at BYU Marriott,” he says. “I realized that I love figuring things out and troubleshooting issues. The junior core classes in the program especially challenged me to do my best and put effort into my work. Solving those types of puzzles in the real world is fulfilling.” 

Watching and helping others resolve problems also brings Grether a sense of fulfillment. “I love problem solving with someone who's newer to the field as well as helping them develop their skills,” he says. “When I watch others experience the rush of accomplishment that comes from solving problems or from learning something new, I share in that excitement.”

Grether’s passion for watching his coworkers learn and grow is what helped push him to become a manager at Cloudmed.“I was unsure for a long time whether I wanted to pursue being a manager,” he admits.  “I don't believe in micromanaging, but my current supervisor showed me that there are different ways to manage. I can be myself and carry my love of supporting and serving people into my management style.” Working remotely from his home in Wildwood, Missouri, Grether works hard to make sure his peers’ and employees’ strengths are given room to grow. “My teammates and I help each other realize our strengths, and then we find opportunities to magnify those strengths,” he says.

Since graduating from BYU Marriott in 2014, Grether has grown to better appreciate the value of diversity. The diverse teams Grether has been a part of during his career have helped him appreciate the perspectives and talents that everyone brings to the table. “In my first job out of college, I had a manager who inspired me and believed in diversity,” he says. “She ended up moving to work at Cloudmed and built an incredibly diverse team, which was a big reason for why I wanted to work here. After seeing what our team has accomplished as a group of people with a variety of backgrounds, ideas, and upbringings, I strive to continue incorporating that type of diversity in my current and future roles.”

Grether’s interest in diversity initially began at BYU Marriott with the help of a few women faculty members and has grown into a topic he is passionate about. “I had an amazing ethics professor at BYU Marriott. She taught me that business and information systems are fields for everyone. Organizations need people from all walks of life to come together and bring their unique ideas,” he says. “The professors at BYU Marriott and other people throughout my career have helped me to understand the power of utilizing a variety of voices in the room to help make decisions. I’ve seen firsthand how different perspectives make for better products and services for everyone.”

At the end of the day, Grether’s favorite aspect of his job is working with his diverse team. “I’ve built fantastic relationships with my coworkers, and being part of such an exceptional group of people is rewarding,” he says. “Finding solutions is much easier when you have the support and ideas of a team of people alongside you.”

Jonathan Grether
Jonathan Grether

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