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  • Marriott School Welcomes New Faculty Monday Sep 12 2016

    Nine new faculty members joined the ranks of the Marriott School of Management as the 2016-17 school year began this month.

  • Advice From The Dean Friday Aug 26 2016

    Dean Lee Perry sat down for a Q&A to offer his thoughts on how Marriott School students can make the most out of their new semester.

  • Marriott School Personnel Honored Thursday May 05 2016

    School of Accountancy professor Douglas Prawitt headlined this year's honorees at the annual school luncheon.

  • Undergrads Excel at Milgard Event BYU team takes second nationally Thursday Mar 31 2016

    The Jackson 5 taught the world “it’s easy as one, two, three.” Last month a team of Brigham Young University students shared the same idea.

  • High Marks for Marriott School Latest U.S. News Best Graduate School rankings released Wednesday Mar 16 2016

    Multiple Marriott School of Management programs were included with the top programs in the country in the latest U.S. News Best Graduate School rankings.

  • Romney Institute Honors Robert J. O’Neill, Jr. Tuesday Mar 15 2016

    Executive director of the International City/County Management Association named the 2016 Administrator of the Year.

  • Top Marriott School Stories of 2015 Thursday Dec 31 2015

    The Marriott School had an amazing 2015. Here's a list of some of our top stories of the year featuring our outstanding students, faculty and alumni.

  • Baker Named Alumnus of the Year Monday Nov 16 2015

    The Romney Institute of Public Management named Bryce Baker, a senior adviser in the United States Office of Personnel Management, the 2015 N. Dale Wright Alumnus of the Year for his outstanding service in the federal government.

  • Multidisciplinary Group Serves in Ghana Tuesday Nov 10 2015

    Before departing for the Romney Institute’s annual study abroad in Ghana this April, Marriott School students were given a challenge: see with African eyes and hear with African ears.

  • Ad-Libbing to the Top Tuesday Nov 10 2015

    Dreams of roaring crowds and bright lights drew fifteen-year-old Zach Atherton to where he stood—nervous in front of his entire high school, performing in his first improv show. He’d seen enough episodes of “Whose Line is it Anyway?” to love the art, and this was his chance to make it big.

  • Math Camp Adds up to Success Tuesday Nov 10 2015

    This summer 27 incoming MPA and EMPA students got together for camp—but instead of bringing out canoes and tents, they reached for calculators and graph paper.

  • Traveling the Globe with Professor Rex Facer Tuesday Jun 16 2015

    Flat Facer explores the world in an envelope. Professor Rex Facer needs a bit more room.

  • MPA Alum On The Ellen Degeneres Show Thursday Jun 11 2015

    EMPA alum Chris Banford recently teamed up with Ellen DeGeneres to surprise his wife, Mary.

  • Service as a Celebration MPA Day of Service gives back to communities around the country Wednesday Apr 15 2015

    Normally when people celebrate a golden anniversary, they throw a big party. How the Marriott School MPA student association planned to celebrate the MPA program’s 50th anniversary involved a lot more elbow grease and shoveling.

  • American Red Cross CEO Named 2015 Administrator of the Year Monday Mar 30 2015

    The Romney Institute of Public Management honored Gail McGovern, president and CEO of the American Red Cross, as its 2015 Administrator of the Year for her leadership of the disaster relief and service organization.  

  • Narcissistic Leaders Can Succeed with Humility This type of leader (think Steve Jobs) is most effective when they admit mistakes, spotlight others' strengths Thursday Mar 26 2015

    It’s no surprise that some of the most celebrated leaders in the business world also happen to be self-promoting narcissists.

  • Romney Institute Professor Speaks at BYU Devotional Wednesday Feb 11 2015

    David Hart spoke on attaining our highest potential at the weekly BYU Devotional held Tuesday.

  • New Exhibit Tells George W. Romney's Story Monday Dec 08 2014

    This year the Marriott School's Romney Institute of Public Management, which grants the Master's of Public Administration (MPA) degree, is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a new exhibit on its namesake George Romney and an acquisition of Romney's personal photos and documents for the Harold B. Lee Library's Special Collections. 

  • Ruth Ann Jefferies Honored as 2014 Wright Distinguished Alumnus Friday Dec 05 2014

    The Brigham Young University Romney Institute of Public Management named Ruth Ann Jefferies, a property tax specialist at the Utah State Tax Commission, the 2014 N. Dale Wright Alumnus of the Year. The award is presented annually to an alumnus who has demonstrated extraordinary service professionally and in the community.

  • Marriott School Staff Member Honored at University Conference Wednesday Sep 03 2014

    Heather Chewning, a program coordinator at the Marriott School of Management, received the President’s Appreciation Award at Brigham Young University’s annual University Conference on August 27.