MBA Spouses Association

Deciding to pursue an MBA is a big decision and will affect the entire family. The MBA Spouses Association stands as a strong support system for spouses in the BYU MBA and provides opportunities for service, friendship, leadership, and learning for all its members.

Celebrating diverse backgrounds, MBASA members support each other in a spirit of friendship and unity. Working together, members strive to develop spiritual, social, and intellectual qualities to enrich and serve in the communities to which they belong.

Each month, MBASA committees plan and provide a variety of activities. Examples of past activities include BBQs, kids’ soccer teams, fitness and nutrition classes, getting-to-know-you nights, park days, field trips, monthly book groups, creative writing groups, service projects, movie nights, ethnic cooking classes, holiday parties, free clothing exchanges, craft and sewing classes, education classes, and more.

For more information about MBASA, visit their website.