Cost of Attendance

The official cost of attendance is used to calculate eligibility for federal loan programs. Federal, BYU, and private loans cannot exceed the cost of attendance.

BYU Marriott MBA Program 2022-2023 Cost of Attendance

TuitionPer yearTotal program
Latter-day Saint$14,636$ 29,272
Non-Latter-day Saint$29,272$ 58,544
Other ExpensesPer yearTotal program
Room and Board$14,424$ 28,848
Books and Supplies$ 2,120$ 4,240
Personal Expenses*$ 4,176$ 8,352
Transportation$ 3,248$ 6,496
Loan Fees$ 188$ 376
LDS TOTAL$38,792$ 77,584
Non-LDS TOTAL $53,860 $106,856

Total Cost

Latter-day Saint Cost of AttendanceNon-Latter-day Saint Cost of Attendance
$38,792/year = $77,584 total program$53,860/year = $106,856 total program

*All costs are approximates and are subject to change. Personal expenses include the cost of BYU health insurance premiums for a single student. Married students may have to pay a higher health insurance premium. BYU health insurance is required if you are not covered by another annual policy.

Students cannot work during their first academic year. Students have a paid summer internship and can work part-time during their second year.