Sherpa Program

The BYU MBA Sherpa effort seeks to build a sense of community, belonging, and group success in the job search process. The program consists of second-year students in a mentor role under the direction of the BYU MBA Career Management team. The organization of our sherpas includes a student leadership team consisting of a head sherpa, track lead sherpas, and individual sherpas all acting as mentors in the internship search to first-year BYU MBA students.

Students apply and are interviewed for a sherpa role. A critical assessment is made as to prior internship search success, communication style, influence, results, leadership, credibility, accountability, and other factors. The position holds a high standard for contribution, success, and measured outcomes. Sherpas are expected to hold weekly meetings with their assigned team of climbers and are tasked with sharing strategic content, addressing or up-leveling individual challenges, and holding climbers accountable for key recruiting metrics.

The BYU MBA Sherpa effort has assisted our students in securing quality internships with solid Fortune 100 companies and startups and has resulted in increased visibility for the BYU MBA program.