The MBA Student Association (MBAA) is an organization developed and run by students to provide both social and business-related extracurricular activities. All MBA students in the full-time program are automatically adopted into the membership of this association. In the past, the MBAA has sponsored seminars by nationally known business professionals, firesides by prominent LDS Church leaders, community service projects, barbecues, sports and cultural activities, dinners, and dances. The most important activities of the MBAA relate to student involvement in promoting excellence in the program. There are several different divisions of the MBAA—Academic Affairs, Social Affairs, Athletics, Service, Single Affairs, and Spiritual Affairs. Second-year students lead division committees comprised of both first- and second-year elected individuals.

The BYU MBA Tech Society is designed for graduate business students with an interest in the high-tech industry. Focusing on the business of technology, the club promotes guest speakers, networking opportunities, company trips, and provides hands-on business development to help prepare students for successful employment or entrepreneurship in this dynamic, fast-paced industry. Students meet monthly to discuss ways to find great jobs in Silicon Valley, Utah’s Silicon Slopes, and around the world. MBATS also organizes the annual trip to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show.

Marriott MBA Today is a student-run news program that focuses on BYU MBA students and events. MBA students are interviewed about their internships, clubs, case competitions, recruiting trips, and business startups. Occasionally, students also report on broader business stories, including highlights on companies with a footprint in Utah. The shows can be seen on the Marriott MBA Today blog or on the Marriott MBA Today YouTube channel.

The objectives of the GMSA are:

  • Provide students with international business exposure
  • Build awareness about important global events and possible international business professions
  • Promote an understanding of our role in the world
  • Provide students with a chance to interact with other students with the same interests
  • Provide service opportunities
  • Promote international business curriculum at BYU
  • Establish positive relationships with business professionals, faculty, and peers

The Graduate Entrepreneurship Association (GEA) provides graduate students with the requisite resources and tools to start, acquire, or join a high-growth startup company. Many club members aspire to have an ownership position in a company upon graduation, while other members hope to gain the skills necessary to step into an entrepreneurial role. Instruction is provided to help members acquire the necessary entrepreneurial skills regardless of which path they plan to follow. Ultimately, the club strives to provide support and reduce the risk for students who are taking an unconventional path to business out of an MBA program.

The BYU MBA Human Resources Student Association (HRSA) is open to any BYU MBA student interested in HR or leadership. In HRSA, you will develop meaningful relationships and help foster a close-knit community.

The club hosts professional seminars each week during Fall semester. Human Resources thought leaders and alumni are invited to speak to current students about their latest findings and best practices in the strategic HR field.

HRSA also organizes a river-rafting trip following orientation week. All first-year students and some second-year students attend along with recruiters, staff, and faculty.

The BYU MBA Marketing Association (MBAMA) is a club that is open to any BYU MBA student interested in improving his or her combined analytical skill and marketing creativity. MBAMA holds monthly mixers and meetings to help students with job placement, relationships with alumni and others in the industry, recruitment, and improving the BYU MBA brand.

MBAMA also sponsors the annual trip to Moab, Utah, at the beginning of the school year where students can mingle with alumni, recruiters, staff, and faculty.

The mission of the Graduate Finance Association is to better prepare graduate students to interview for and accept positions in the field of finance. The Association offers valuable skill-building workshops, lectures from practitioners in the field of finance, and meetings with Career Services to increase members’ marketability in their career placement efforts. 

The Supply Chain and Operations Association (SCOA) is a student club open to all students interested in supply chain and operations management, global management experiences, and/or executive leadership. SCOA provides value to its members through networking opportunities, job placement assistance, analytics training, executive speaker series, professional development seminars, and weekend retreats. The club is sponsored by the BYU Marriott Supply Chain Department, and students receive valuable opportunities to interact with faculty and members of the Supply Chain Advisory Board.

The MBA Singles Association provides students the chance to get to know their peers through fun activities outside the classroom.

Students can take a break from course work and the recruiting trail by participating in the MBA Singles Association. Activities in the MBA Singles Association include intramural teams, outdoor activities, travel, socials, and more. For more information, please email  

Deciding to pursue an MBA is a big decision and will affect the entire family. The MBA Spouses Association stands as a strong support system for spouses in the BYU MBA and provides opportunities for service, friendship, leadership, and learning for all its members.

Celebrating diverse backgrounds, MBASA members support each other in a spirit of friendship and unity. Working together, members strive to develop spiritual, social, and intellectual qualities to enrich and serve in the communities to which they belong.

Each month, MBASA committees plan and provide a variety of activities. Examples of past activities include BBQs, kids’ soccer teams, fitness and nutrition classes, getting-to-know-you nights, park days, field trips, monthly book groups, creative writing groups, service projects, movie nights, ethnic cooking classes, holiday parties, free clothing exchanges, craft and sewing classes, education classes, and more.

For more information about MBASA, visit their website.

The MBA Strategy and Consulting Club (MBASCC) is for all BYU MBA students with an interest in management consulting and corporate strategy. MBASCC is designed to expose students to consulting opportunities through speakers, field trips, group discussions, networking, and competitions. This club provides essential training and support for those seeking a career in the consulting industry but is also great for those who merely want to learn more about the industry. One of the primary advantages to the club is the opportunity to prepare for case interviews—a core part of the recruiting process.

The International Graduate Student Association is a club managed by BYU Marriott’s Global Business Center. The main purpose of the association is to help international BYU Marriott graduate students and their families build meaningful connections and effectively adjust to the BYU environment through various orientations and activities. 

The MBA Women in Management (WIM) club has a mission to provide professional development, networking opportunities, and support for women in the BYU MBA program. The club prepares BYU MBA women to make contributions in their future careers and to successfully manage the unique challenges and opportunities of being women in the business world. WIM sponsors excellent seminars, workshops and fun activities where members can build great relationships with MBA classmates and alumni.

The BYU China Business Club (CBC) was established in 2009 as the first regionally focused club at BYU Marriott. The mission of the CBC is to develop China-related career opportunities for BYU Marriott students by providing a platform for networking with relevant alumni and industry contacts. Secondary goals include promoting the BYU brand in China and educating the BYU Marriott community about doing business in the Asian nation. The CBC regularly holds forums and networking events exclusively for members.

The mission and purpose of the Sports Business Association is to provide an environment for MBA students to study business problems in the context of sports, network with industry professionals, and find internship and full-time positions.

The Graduate Real Estate Association (GREA) is focused on placing graduate students of all disciplines into high profile careers within the commercial real estate industry. With a strong network as the foundation, this is accomplished through a three-pillar approach of recognition, training, and recruiting. The functional areas of focus are development, investments, consulting, corporate, banking, trading, law, construction, and accounting.

The MBA Analytics Club has three main objectives:

  • Provide knowledge and training on analytical processes and tools
  • Provide opportunities to network with professionals working at the forefront of the big data analytics movement
  • Ensure that the BYU MBA brand is recognized as a leader in analytical management

The club aims to increase all students’ analytic abilities regardless of their prior levels of involvement in analytics or statistics. 

The mission of the Product Management Association is to promote product management and prepare students for a successful career in the field. This is accomplished by:

  • Increasing awareness of careers in product management
  • Connecting students with external product management associations
  • Inviting industry professionals speak to club members
  • Organizing trips to companies to visit with product management departments and professionals
  • Establishing an environment to create lifelong relationships among club members

The BYU Marriott Veterans Association promote awareness and unity of military veterans studying at BYU Marriott. Our purpose is to increase the number of veterans at BYU, raise awareness of the value that veterans bring to a diverse workforce, support club members as they transition from the military, and connect club members to the professional military network. Many companies seeking to recruit veterans come to BYU Marriott, including several Fortune 100 companies that host veteran-only workshops and private events on campus.

Provide an opportunity for BYU Marriott graduate students to gain exposure to healthcare careers, current events, and networking opportunities. Also, the club is supplemental to the new Healthcare Industry Scholar, though, a student does not need to pursue the HIS to join the HIA.