Giving Back

BYU Marriott MBA alumni are among the best in the world. We continue to be humbled by the many ways our alumni continue to give back to the program.

Helping Students

Not only do our alumni donate financially, but they are deeply involved with current students at six critical stages throughout the program:

  1. Info Sessions: we have alumni at almost every info session, helping spread the word
  2. Networking: our alumni are connecting more than ever in our exclusive LinkedIn group
  3. Orientation: more than fifty alumni lend support to everything from the Camp Williams trip to mock interviews
  4. Class: alumni come in as guest speakers and make scholarships possible
  5. Internships: alumni help prepare students for their internships
  6. Career: alumni network and collaborate with students in their new careers

Five Ways to Give Back

To help our alumni determine the best ways they can give back to the MBA program, we have created five main categories. Click below to read more about how you can help.

You are part of BYU Marriott MBA’s growing brand and are counted on more than ever to help us spread the word throughout the world. Alumni can spread the word by:

  • Helping with info sessions and recruiting events
    • Anything from logistics to speaking engagements
    • Helping with events in their local area
  • Addressing current students
    • Talking to a class
    • Presenting at a workshop
  • Sharing personal stories
    • Sending us a note or testimonial that we can post
    • Volunteering to be in a short marketing video
    • Helping with a webinar

Alumni are often approached by people interested in the program. Here are some things to consider when you are approached by someone:

  • Are they a good fit for BYU and the MBA program?
  • How much management and leadership experience do they have?
  • Do they have a good GPA and GMAT scores?
  • Do they have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited program?
  • Do they have their IELTS or TOEFL (for international students)?

If you would like to refer someone, please contact the admissions office.

If your company likes the work that you do, chances are that they would like to hire more BYU Marriott MBA students and alumni. If your company is looking to hire more BYU Marriott MBAs, please send us an email.

We will then work directly with you to determine the best method for getting the word out.  Some of the current options are:

  • Posting the position to our exclusive LinkedIn group
  • Working directly with our MBA career services
  • Having you represent your company to current students
  • Arranging to have recruiters from your company work with us

Everyone needs good mentors in life, especially ones that understand us and know the value of our BYU Marriott MBA experience. Mentors are needed based on industry, company, geographic area, and other criteria. If you would be willing to be a mentor to another alum, a current student, or to someone that is looking at our program, please contact the MBA office.

A BYU Marriott MBA offers a unique blend of secular and spiritual learning. Our students appreciate the fact that the collaborative learning environment cultivates the mind, heart, and soul in preparation for a lifetime of opportunities. There are multiple giving opportunities that allow the MBA program to attract, develop, and place students who are committed to BYU’s unique mission:

  • MBA Program Fund
    • This fund allows for the critical day-to-day operations of the BYU Marriott MBA program and directly supports numerous events, MBA student clubs, and our efforts to recruit the best talent from around the world.
  • MBA Scholarship Fund
    • This fund was established to provide scholarships to deserving MBA students. Because donations to this fund are placed in an endowment, MBA students are ensured a long-term source of scholarships.
  • MBA Student Endowment Fund
    • This endowment fund allows students, alumni, and friends of the BYU Marriott MBA program to help build a legacy endowment that can be applied to numerous causes ranging from case competitions and student events to need- and merit-based scholarships.

Update My Info

To update your personal information, click here or call the BYU Alumni office at 1-800-437-4663.

Note that updates can take up to one week to appear in the directories.