Thank You Letter Example 2

October 7, 2000

Mr. David J. Better
Supervisor, Sales and Marketing Analysis
P.O. Box 43353
Dearborn, MI 48243

Dear Dave:

Thank you for your recent visit to Brigham Young University campus. I enjoyed meeting with you and your associates, and I found your presentation to be interesting and helpful to me in my career search.

I am interested in a financial internship with [Company] for the summer of 2001. [Company’s] reputation for being one of the best in finance training, along with the opportunity for challenging and significant assignments, make it among my top choices for employers. Your company’s Career Foundation Development program is impressive because of the experience that it offers. I have found my own performance to be highest when I am offered diversity and breadth as opposed to limited and routine work.

You received my resume at your presentation. Along with the work experience listed, I have also gained a variety of business experience through working temporary jobs during summers, school years, or whenever money was tight. Although short in length, these assignments allowed me to observe the internal workings of several companies in many industries, such as Microsoft, Novell, Parker Fluidex, and many other smaller companies.

My experience in the automotive industry comes from a summer job in 1997, when I worked as the cashier for one of the largest car dealerships in the south (CM, Audi, Porsche, Subaru, Peugeot). Although I was responsible for all cash receipts from sales, I also worked closely with the service department and their customers. This gave me valuable insight into the quality issue that is so critical today in this industry.

I feel that my education, work experience and my drive to achieve the best provide me with the qualifications needed to succeed at [Company]. Thank you for your interest in me and my career. I will contact you in a couple weeks to discuss this opportunity further.


Angela L. Leal

Angela L. Leal