Thank You Letter Example 1

August 15, 1995

Mr. John Smith
College Recruiter
1600 Buckwheat Place
Soldier, UT 84000

Dear Mr. Smith:

Thank you for the opportunity of meeting with you Tuesday, July 9, in the Tanner Building at Brigham Young University. The interview was enlightening, and the time you spent with me is greatly appreciated.

All I have learned about WANNABE UNLIMITED through research and talking to several employees has increased my desire to be part of your corporate family. With my expertise in dealing with marketing situations, I could contribute immediately to your corporation’s continued success.

The Marketing Analyst position sound exciting. I love to travel, so business trips involved with the position are not a problem for me. I am also willing to travel across international borders, where my language capabilities can be a great asset.

I welcome follow-up interviews and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Charles B. Mee

Charles B. Mee
100 Yogurt Street
Siffield, UT 84000