Outline for Cover Letter

Career Services recommends that you attach a well written cover letter to your resume, even though an on-campus recruiter may not request it. This is a good way to draw attention to the main story — you.


COMPANY (all caps adds nice contrast)
City, ST ZIP


Explain why you are writing the letter. Capture the employer’s attention by focusing on the company rather than yourself. Explain why you are interested in the company. Mention a personal interest you have in the company, a common acquaintance, or contacts you have who are employees of the company. Another approach is to research the company and mention something you read about the company or industry that is exciting to you.

In this paragraph explain why the company would be interested in you — what you have to offer/what you can bring to the company. The information should expand on your resume and bring it to life. Bullet your strengths and accomplishments, quantifying as much as possible. Point out any experience or background you have that relates to the particular industry of the company.

Be aggressive in you closing, mentioning a plan for further action (call, contact, letter, visit), and then follow-through.


Your Signature

Your name
City, ST ZIP
Phone number