Cover Letter Example

Use when your qualifications do not exactly meet the requirements.

February 1, 2000

David Hatch, Vice President
Organization & Management Development
700 Beverly Hills Road
Hollywood, CA 90210-0001

Dear Mr. Hatch:

Although I am an MBA [not an MOB], my qualifications closely match the requirements you listed for a Human Resources intern for the coming summer. I would appreciate your consideration and seek a slot on your interview schedule when you visit Brigham Young University this February 16.

Your literature profiled an experienced human resource generalist with excellent organizational, developmental, and interpersonal skills. The following educational and professional experiences have uniquely prepared me with the skills you are looking for:

Two years as an interpersonal skills trainer
Organizational change consulting with Pendleton Enterprises
Management of direct contact representatives
Retail jewelry sales and customer service
In brief, my experience in interpersonal skills training has refined my leadership training and development skills. Additionally, my work in management with Pendleton Enterprises has sharpened my organizational and interpersonal skills.

The combination of my experience and my business skills make me a uniquely qualified candidate. I hope you will give me the opportunity to discuss my background and interest with you personally by adding me to your interview schedule.


Clinton Chadwick

Clinton Chadwick