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  • Information Systems Alumni Updates Tuesday Mar 17 2015

    From Utah to Atlanta to Hong Kong, information systems graduates are contributing far and wide—and working with more than just computers.

  • Snappy Acquisition of Student Startup, Scan Tuesday Feb 24 2015

    Hollywood secrets weren’t the only things ousted in the Sony Pictures hacking scandal. News of Snapchat’s acquisition of a BYU-student startup also hit the blogosphere.

  • INTEX Pressure Makes Perfect Tuesday Feb 24 2015

    There’s one group of students on campus already thinking about finals week. Information systems students prepare every day for the culminating event of their junior core: INTEX, a weeklong exercise that requires them to use everything they’ve learned that semester.

  • Welcome Back and Get on Track Monday Jan 05 2015

    If you're just enrolling or want to get involved, learn how to make the most of your undergraduate Marriott School experience.

  • Don't Get Hacked! Study Shows People Ignore Online Warnings You're your own worst enemy when it comes to online security Thursday Nov 20 2014

    Marriott School information systems professors were awarded a $300,000 National Science Foundation grant to continue research that found people say they care about keeping their computers secure, but behave otherwise.

  • Creative Gig Lands BYU Student Profile on Forbes Wednesday Nov 05 2014 recently highlighted Nick Walter, who changed his trajectory by teaching Apple's new programming language.

  • IS Students Judge Apps for LDSTech Conference Monday Oct 27 2014

    Students had the responsibility of judging apps and games on a basis of usability, technical merit, visuals, and, of course, how fun they were to play.

  • In the Atrium with Tahna Black Tuesday Oct 14 2014

    It’s no secret that Marriott School student Tahna Black is crazy about Disney. But she recently chatted with The Exchange about another favorite subject: information systems.

  • A Pattern of Giving By Kevin Ball Tuesday Oct 14 2014

    Alum Kevin Ball shares the four reasons why he chooses to give back to BYU, noting that the aid he received as a student made his career possible.

  • Joint Ventures: Seth & Susan Stewart Tuesday Oct 14 2014

    In honor of the Marriott School's twenty-fifth anniversary, one couple recounts how their time in the TNRB led to the ultimate dividend: wedded bliss.

  • Need a Home? Use Tuesday Oct 14 2014

    Created by a trio of MISM students last winter semester, is the perfect tool for finding the right digs for you or family and friends.

  • Entrepreneurship With Alum Josh Steimle Tuesday Oct 14 2014

    When Josh Steimle won the BYU business plan competition, he gained the confidence to keep his new company going for the next twelve years.

  • Q&A with alum and advocate Mirella Petersen Monday Oct 13 2014

    Alum Mirella Petersen is bold, organized, and driven—the perfect combination for getting autism insurance reform passed in Utah.

  • Alum Eric Rea Finds Success Going With The Grain Monday Oct 13 2014

    A sleek product deserves accessories that are equally suave. Blending mechanical prowess with beautiful materials is alum Eric Rea's forte.

  • Spinning the Color Wheel: Personalities at Work Monday Oct 13 2014

    Taking a cue from major corporations, professor Greg Anderson is helping students navigate group projects with the Color Code personality test.

  • Forbes Names MISM Best Master's Degree Monday Oct 13 2014

    Forbes compiled a list of the best and worst master's degree to get right now. In the number one spot was a master's of information systems.

  • The Influence of Generous Hearts and Noble Minds Why I Serve by Sonia Clayton Wednesday Jul 09 2014

    I will never forget the overwhelming feeling of relief I had upon the volunteers' arrival. I wondered, 'Can I ever repay them? Can I ever serve as they did? Can I learn to care as they did?' My life was changed forever, shaped by their kindness and profoundly touched by their unselfish service.

  • Information Systems Professor Develops Automatic Grading Software Wednesday Jul 09 2014

    Students and professors know that grading assignments can take weeks. But what if it didn't? What if grading could take place instantly? BYU professor Gove Allen explains how he took on the problem by developing automatic grading software for use in introductory Excel classes.

  • IS Alum Featured in Marriott Alumni Magazine Saturday Jun 28 2014

    The former president of the Utah Autism Coalition, Mirella Petersen lobbied for more than three years to enact insurance reform for autism spectrum disorders treatment in Utah.

  • Dressing the Part How an apparel search engine startup is attracting big businesses Thursday Jun 05 2014

    BYU MISM student Jeremy Penrod says that if you’d asked him as a child what he wanted to be when he grew up, he might have picked dentist or inventor. Of all the possible answers he could have given, Penrod’s certain about at least one thing — he never imagined a career selling dresses.