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  • BYU Marriott Welcomes New Faculty Friday Sep 24 2021

    The Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business welcomes nine new professors this fall.

  • On a Mission to Cause Change Monday Aug 02 2021

    When she was eleven years old, Autumn Clark read an article about modern-day slavery and felt something spark within her. From that moment on, she became passionate about social innovation and making a difference in the lives of others. This interest eventually led her to the information systems (IS) program at the BYU Marriott School of Business, where she now strives to solve problems using her technological expertise.

  • Information Systems Student Teams Place in Top Three at National Competition Monday Jun 21 2021

    Amid the stress of studying for winter semester finals, four teams of BYU Marriott School of Business information systems (IS) students also prepared to compete in national competitions. The students' hard work paid off—all four teams took home top-three finishes across two competitions at the annual Student Chapter Leadership Conference hosted by the Association for Information Systems (AIS). The final events for the competitions were held virtually 9–10 April 2021.

  • 2021 Bateman Awards Recognize Students Who Excel in and Outside the Classroom Tuesday Apr 27 2021

    Every year, each department in the BYU Marriott School of Business selects one outstanding student to receive the Bateman Award, which recognizes excellence both inside and outside the classroom. The award is named after Merrill J. Bateman, who served as the dean of BYU Marriott from 1975–79 and the president of BYU from 1996–2003. 

  • The Student Who Became the Teacher Friday Apr 09 2021

    While pondering on a hill outside the BYU Jerusalem Center during her postgraduation study abroad in 2019, Katy Reese felt overcome by a sense of peace about her future. Now, nearly two years later as an assistant teaching professor of information systems (IS) at the BYU Marriott School of Business, Reese recognizes how God’s hand led her to teaching at BYU. 

  • A Self-Starter and Group Contributor Wednesday Apr 07 2021

    The first time Graham Carman applied to the information systems (IS) program at the BYU Marriott School of Business, he didn't get in. However, that initial rejection didn't deter Carman from trying again, and the second time he applied, he was accepted. Now a senior, Carman is well acquainted with the value of persistence.

  • Students Score Big in Super Bowl Commercial Competition Thursday Mar 18 2021

    Since 2016, the Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah has hosted its Game Day Analytics Challenge, where student teams from various universities in Utah analyze tweets to determine the effectiveness of Super Bowl ads. This year, the BYU Marriott School of Business team comprised of information systems (IS) students took first place in the undergraduate category and received a $1,000 cash prize. 

  • Going Global with Their Research Tuesday Mar 16 2021

    BYU Marriott information systems students Madison Corbin and Cherileigh Leavitt recently presented a paper at the 2021 Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, the longest-running conference for information technology management.

  • No IS Without Teamwork Wednesday Jan 27 2021

    When he first started classes at BYU, Jonathan Grether was planning to pursue a degree in the medical field. However, after taking an introduction to information systems class at the BYU Marriott School of Business, he discovered his aptitude for information systems (IS). Now, as a manager at Cloudmed, which helps hospital systems recover revenue losses, he impacts the medical field—just not in the way he once expected.

  • The Power of Sticking Together Friday Jan 08 2021

    Identifying a fellow BYU student or alumni out in the world is often easy, especially if you can spot Cougar merchandise, from sweatshirts to baseball caps to car decals. For information systems (IS) students from the BYU Marriott School of Business, in addition to wearing their BYU Cougars gear, there's something else that helps them recognize not only other IS students but also their fellow graduates—the hexagon-shaped stickers unique to the IS program.

  • Whitewater Life Lessons Wednesday Dec 16 2020

    Whenever she courses down a turbulent river filled with rapids and obstacles, Bonnie McDougal embraces the overwhelming rush of adrenaline and the feeling of being disconnected from everyday life. However, when she’s back on dry ground, McDougal reconnects to the world and uses her expertise in technology to serve others as an information systems (IS) senior at the BYU Marriott School of Business.

  • Rooting for Student Success Friday Nov 13 2020

    Since root beer became commercially available in 1876, the popular soft drink flavor has found its way into a variety of delicious delights: hard candies, gummies, jelly beans, and, perhaps most importantly, root beer floats. For Taylor Wells, a professor of information systems at the BYU Marriott School of Business, root beer is more than just a tasty treat—the beverage is also a part of his everyday life as a teacher and mentor.

  • An Epic Impact Monday Oct 26 2020

    When Kent C. Dodds graduated from the BYU Marriott School of Business in 2014 with his master's degree in information systems, he had one goal: to impact the world by creating software. Now as a speaker and educator with a significant social media audience, he encourages his listeners to create their own positive impacts. 

  • Information Systems Professors Play Key Roles in International Conference Monday Sep 21 2020

    Inside the classroom, BYU Marriott School of Business information systems (IS) professors often encourage their students to find creative solutions to their problems. This year, several IS professors on the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) conference committee utilized their own problem-solving skills outside of the classroom to help the conference transition to online options. 

  • Teaching What Really Counts Monday Sep 14 2020

    As an information systems student at the BYU Marriott School of Business in 2001, Tom Meservy entered the Tanner Building to meet a girl for their first date. Looking back, Meservy considers this date with his now-wife to be one of his favorite memories associated with BYU Marriott. Now years later, he walks through the same doors as a professor of information systems. Building on his own experiences in the Tanner Building, Meservy works to create positive memories for his students and help them understand the things that really count in life.

  • A System of Connections Monday Aug 17 2020

    Logan Sackley has always loved connecting with others. Between his current internship and his leadership roles in the Association for Information Systems club, he has plenty of opportunities to do so. Now, as a BYU Marriott first-year master of information systems management (MISM) student, he looks forward to creating new connections in the upcoming fall semester.

  • Finding Her Career in the World of Banking Friday Jul 17 2020

    When Rachelle Morris first entered Brigham Young University, majoring in business wasn’t anywhere on her radar. However, after taking and loving some introductory classes, Morris realized applying to the BYU Marriott School of Business was the path for her. Now, after fifteen years of a career in private banking, Morris looks back in gratitude for her time at BYU Marriott and all the mentors who encouraged her to take the initiative needed to build her career.  

  • BYU Marriott Students Win Big at AIS Competition Wednesday Jun 24 2020

    Though COVID-19 presented challenges for students competing in the annual Association for Information Systems (AIS) Student Chapter Leadership Conference this year—including not being able to compete in person—two teams of BYU Marriott information system (IS) students quickly, and successfully, adapted to this new and unexpected situation. At the national competition held 27 March, both teams placed second in the blockchain and software innovation categories respectively, with each team taking home a prize of $1,000.

  • Liddle Appointed as New Chair of Information Systems Monday Jun 01 2020

    BYU Marriott School of Business dean Brigitte C. Madrian announced the appointment of Stephen Liddle as the new chair for the Department of Information Systems. Liddle began his new role on 18 May and takes over for Bonnie Anderson, who recently became associate dean at BYU Marriott.

  • Eleven BYU Marriott Students Receive Bateman Award Friday May 15 2020

    The BYU Marriott School of Business named eleven recent graduates as 2020 Merrill J. Bateman Outstanding Student Award winners.