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Lori Wadsworth

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  • PhD, Business Administration with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management, University of Utah, 2003
  • MPA, Public Administration, Brigham Young University, 1995
  • BS, Family Sciences, Brigham Young University, 1982

Group Affiliations

  • Work Family Researchers Network — 2011
  • American Society for Public Administration — Association for academics and practitioners interested in public administration — 2004
  • Academy of Management — Academic association; includes annual international conference and associated journals — 1999

Selected Publications

  • "COVID-19 Lockdown: Impact on College Students’ Lives", Journal of American College Health, Volume e-publish, Pages 1-15, Taylor & Francis, 2021
  • "The moderating role of calling in the work–family interface: Buffering and substitution effects on employee satisfaction", Edition 7, Volume 41, Pages 622-637, Journal of Organizational Behavior, 2020
  • "In an era of uncertainty: Impact of COVID-19 on dental education", Journal of Dental Education, Volume 85, Pages 148-156, 2020
  • "Ambivalence in the early years of marriage: Impact on ambulatory blood pressure and relationship processes", Annals of Behavioral Medicine, Oxford Journals, 2019
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  • "The impact of moral intensity dimensions on ethical decision making: Assessing the relevance of orientation", Journal of Managerial Issues, Edition 1, Volume 14, Pages 15-30, 2002
  • "The Relationship between Individual Power Moves and Group Agreement Type: An Examination and Model", SAM Advanced Management Journal, Edition 4, Volume 65, Pages 44-51, 2000
  • "On the Relationship between DSS Design Characteristics and Decision Making", Journal of Managerial Issues, Edition 2, Volume 11, Pages 180-197, 1999



  • Visiting Instructor, Romney Institute of Public Management, Brigham Young University, 1999–2001

Academic - Post-Secondary

  • Instructor, Department of Management, University of Utah, 1996–1999


  • Academic Advisor, Office of Graduate Studies, Brigham Young University, 1983–1996

Administrative Assignments

  • Department Chair — 2017