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Jeff Dotson

Professor of Marketing,
Marketing and Global Supply Chain
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Selected Publications

  • "Principles or templates? The antecedents and performance effects of cross-border knowledge transfer", Edition 13, Volume 40, Pages 2191--2213, Strategic Management Journal, 2019
  • "A probit model with structured covariance for similarity effects and source of volume calculations", Edition 1, Volume 55, Pages 35-47, Journal of Marketing Research, 2018
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  • "Corporate Diversification and the Value of Individual Firms: A Bayesian Approach", Strategic Management Journal, Wiley, 2017
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  • "A Structural Approach to Handling Endogeneity in Strategic Management: The Case of RBV", Edition 1, Volume 11, Pages 47–62, European Management Review, 2014
  • "Exploring the Relationship Between Online Search and Offline Sales for Better `Nowcasting'", Customer Needs and Solutions, Edition 3, Volume 1, Pages 1-12, 2014
  • "The Impact of Category Captainship on the Breadth and Appeal of a Retailer’s Assortment", Journal of Retailing, 2014
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