Do Good Better Instructor Guide

We’re all going to be doing good throughout our lives; however, this is typically done indiscriminately and with little thought or strategy. Learning how to incorporate the defining principles of Do Good Better will help all learners have a more impactful effect on alleviating social problems.

About the Curriculum

The Do Good Better curriculum was created in 2012 to help Brigham Young University students gain a deeper understanding of social innovation and social entrepreneurship, develop skills to critically analyze social ventures, and develop a personalized plan to create a purposeful life. We know that some students will go on to be full-time social innovators while others will engage part-time throughout their lives as donors, volunteers, board members, employees in corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, and other roles.

The BYU Ballard Center and Peery program would like to share at no cost any and all parts of the Do Good Better Instructor Guide with secondary education institutions and universities that are incorporating Changemaker efforts into their curriculum.

About the Instructor Guide

The Do Good Better Instructor Guide has four main parts:

  1. Do Good Better Student Toolkit: The bulk of the instructor guide is the student toolkit that is used during each class. The toolkit will also include a syllabus.
  2. Instructor Outline: Lists the pre-class work done by students and the in-class content used during class.
  3. Videos: Professional videos have been produced to supplement the student toolkit.
  4. Appendices: All class sections are followed by appendices that aggregate the information used in the course. For instance, instructors can find information about all of the videos in an appendix.

Terms of Use

While we offer the Do Good Better Instructor Guide at no cost, the material is copyrighted and may only be used under the following terms:

  1. Attribution: You must give appropriate credit to the Ballard Center and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.
  2. Report Back: We ask that you report back so that we can see how you’ve altered the course. This feedback will help us and other Changemaker institutions continue to improve.

Obtaining the Instructor Guide

To obtain the Do Good Better Instructor Guide, please email us.